Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Anti anti c-sectionism

During our morning of homeschool we were learning about persuasive writing. A few fun generators were pressed into action. Mummy had to sit on her hands till school finished so she could have a go herself.
My response to repugnant and baseless accusation that c-sections typically have grave implications for the maternal\child bond.
Has it never occurred to the militant "natural" birth crowd that the fastest way to impede a mother bonding with her child after a c-section is to keep telling her that she can't, won't or hasn't ?
How come the power of suggestion is a crime against womankind when it comes to offering an epidural, yet bombarding a mother with the message that the way she gave birth leads to problematic or substandard bonding is perceived as morally neutral ?

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  1. I love the Buses!! Mama Tao is now following you :D