Saturday, 5 March 2011

better news on the vaccine front

I'm loving this video

And this site leads to a campaign that may well provide the blueprint for combating vaccine fear (created by the conspiracy theorists among us) in mainstream parents.

Won't do any good when it comes to the Militant Crunchies.

But then they hold a faith based position and there is not a lot you can do to reach them. What can you do if a drowning man acts like the life belt you are throwing him is a bag of bricks aimed at dragging him under and civil liberties prohibits you from jumping in and dragging him out of the water ?

Not a lot really.

So I see no other choice than to accept that the Militant Crunchies' children have been nominated as collateral damage, in the name of the faith, by the very people who are supposed to love them the most, and focus instead on the parents who do not have a mindset super-glued in place with hand woven lentils.

I'd suggest posting the video and link to the campaign wherever and whenever anti vax irrationality rears its ugly head on mainstream blogs and forums.

Not to try and convince the people worshiping his High Holiness, Saint Wakefield, but to offer an alternative route to becoming informed for lurkers, who may not be aware that resources packed with accurate information are out there.

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  1. Oh, wow... I've said before, the whole NCB/Crunchiest Mama On the Block movement smacks mightily of some serious evangelical fervor. Then my brain starts wandering, and I picture an unshaven, undeodorized, patchouli-packing doula smacking her laboring patient on the forehead every time she shrieks in pain, saying "OUT, demon!" and then shaking her incense wand at her, wrapping her in healing waves of naturalness and bullshit.